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Ryan C. Gordon
Backed out changeset bd976b7b2b43

Apparently this still triggers a compiler warning, have to dig further.
Ryan C. Gordon
pthread: fix error code checks (thanks, Andreas!).

Most pthread functions return 0 on success and non-zero on error, but those
errors might be positive or negative, so checking for return values in the
Unix style, where errors are less than zero, is a bug.

Fixes Bugzilla #4039.
revert the recent typecast assignment changes (see bug #4079)

also change the void* typedefs for the two vulkan function
pointers added in vulkan_internal.h  into generic function
pointer typedefs.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4034 - Don't include _DllMainCRTStartup() if SDL_STATIC_LIB is defined.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4092 - CMake support for building everything in the "test" directory

Eric Wasylishen

Patch to support building the tests with cmake.
Disabled by default, use: "cmake .. -DSDL_TEST=YES" to enable the tests.

Tested on macOS 10.13 with the ninja, makefile, and Xcode generators, and Windows 10 with the Visual Studio 2017 generator.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4085 - X11: Allow configuring _NET_WM_BYPASS_COMPOSITOR through SDL hints

Callum McGing

This patch allows the user to disable the behaviour that blocks the compositor through a new hint: SDL_VIDEO_X11_NET_WM_BYPASS_COMPOSITOR. This allows tools or other windowed applications to behave properly under KWin.
Sam Lantinga
Actually, this is needed for building with Visual Studio with both /MT and /MD.
With the previous change, I get:
1>    Creating library C:\projects\SDL\VisualC\Win32\Debug\SDL2.lib and object C:\projects\SDL\VisualC\Win32\Debug\SDL2.exp
1>LINK : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __DllMainCRTStartup@12
Sam Lantinga
Moved Android patch note into the Android section
Brandon Schaefer
mir: Disable Mir by default as Mir supports Wayland clients

Also remove enabling VK support for Mir
Sam Lantinga
Fixed MinGW-w64 build
Ryan C. Gordon
yuv: fixed variable declaration shadowing warnings.

Fixes Bugzilla #4062.
  • sdl-android: compile failed -  stdiowarnings (2)
  • sdl-freebsd-amd64: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-freebsd-amd64-clang: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-kfreebsd-amd64: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-linux-amd64: compile failed -  stdiowarnings (21)
  • sdl-macosx-static-analysis: compile failed -  stdiowarnings (15)
  • sdl-macosx-unix: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-macosx-xcode: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-mingw-amd64: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-openbsd-amd64: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-qnx: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-visualstudio: compile 25 projects 0 files 119 errors failed -  stdiowarningserrors
  • sdl-winrt: make failed -  stdio
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4027 - CheckLibSampleRate macro in sdlchecks.cmake never defines HAVE_LIBSAMPLERATE{,_SHARED}, so they're always reported as disabled by MESSAGE_TESTED_OPTION macro in macros.cmake
Ryan C. Gordon
android: apparently they fixed this header at some point.
Ryan C. Gordon
windows: added WIN_IsWindows7OrGreater().
Sam Lantinga
Added patch note for Ryan's work
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 3920 - IBus not work with SDL 2.0.7


After updating from 2.0.5 to 2.0.7, Ibus not work anymore(fcitx still works).

Compare with 2.0.5, there are two issues in SDL_ibus.c.

1, SetupConnection always return SDL_FALSE in 2.0.7.

2, 'SetCapabilities' method should be called on 'ibus_conn'.

Patch attached.
Sam Lantinga
ISO C correct fix for casting void* to function pointer
Sam Lantinga
Don't attempt WM_NCCALCSIZE adjustment when in fullscreen window transition
Sam Lantinga
On Android show the system UI when an SDL window is windowed, hide the system UI when it's fullscreen, like we do on iOS.
We're increasing the Android SDK minimum version to API 19, this doesn't increase the minimum target API, which is API 14.
fix building SDL_audiotypecvt.c with gcc < 4.0
Ozkan Sezer
bug #3739: handle %lu, %li and %ld in SDL_SetError.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4088 - Fix Metal link errors with test programs in SDLTest.xcodeproj

Eric Wasylishen

The following patch adds Metal.framework to the "link binary with libraries" section of each test program, with "status" set to "optional", which fixes link errors on all of the test programs. I'm not sure if this is a correct fix - the fact that this was necessary might indicate the static SDL2.a library has a hard dependency on Metal.framework (?) - but it gets the test programs working in Xcode again.

It also adds testyuv_cvt.c to the testoverlay2 target, fixing a link error.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 3947 - replace strlcpy with memcpy in SDL_strdup()
Ryan C. Gordon
yuv: patched to compile.
Ryan C. Gordon
pulseaudio: Just read/dump captured data in FlushCapture.

Apparently pa_stream_flush() doesn't work as expected:


Fixes Bugzilla #4087.
kill C99'ism in SDL_waylandvulkan.c
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 3950 - Don't always call dbus_shutdown in SDL_DBus

Alexander Larsson

dbus_shutdown() is a debug feature which closes all global resources in the dbus library. Calling this should be done by the app, not a library, because if there are multiple users of dbus in the process then SDL could shut it down even though another part is using it.

For example, i had an issue with this in mGBA, which uses both Qt and SDL, both using libdbus. I had a session bus, but no system bus (this was in a flatpak sandbox), and when SDL_DBus_Init() failed to init the system bus it called dbus_shudown() and continued on. This caused issues for Qt when running due to its session bus connections having disappeared beneath it.
Sam Lantinga
Updated documentation with API changes in SDL 2.0.8
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4081 - sdlchecks.cmake: typo introduced by rev11848 breaks building with wayland support
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4075 - configury adds Metal.framework to linkage even if it is not available

Ozkan Sezer

Configury adds Metal.framework to linkage even if it is not available.
My solution is setting enable_render_metal to no when Metal.framework
is not found
Ryan C. Gordon
wasapi: let Windows do the resampling for us if possible.
Ryan C. Gordon
video: put a spinlock around a global linked list.

This should only contend if you're allocating or freeing surfaces from
multiple threads at once, and then just for a short time.

Fixes Bugzilla #4084.
Mark Callow
Fix high-dpi support on macOS and simplify it and iOS variant.

The detault drawableSize for a CAMetalLayer is its bounds x its scale.
So it is sufficient to set the *layer's* scale to the desired value.
Ethan Lee
Use new XInput mapping for Win10+ (Bugzilla #3960)
Sam Lantinga
Added missing file to tvOS build
Ryan C. Gordon
wasapi: fixed typo in an assert message.
Ryan C. Gordon
vulkan: Possibly fix a compiler warning (-Wstrict-prototypes).
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4034 - Do we really need _DllMainCRTStartup() in every Windows build?

Andreas Falkenhahn

In src/SDL.c there is this code:

_DllMainCRTStartup(HANDLE hModule,


The comment says that this is needed on Watcom C for some reason but why is it included then when building with Visual C as well? Shouldn't it be only included when compiling on Watcom C then?

I'm asking because this code caused me a lot of headaches because I'm building a DLL that contains SDL and I link using /MT and the _DllMainCRTStartup() symbol obviously led to lots of trouble but it wasn't clear to me where the problem was because all I got from the linker was:

LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _main referenced in function ___tmainCRTStartup

So I had to got through each and every object to see what the culprit was. See here for the full story:

So if it isn't necessary on Visual C, please just leave that symbol out on Visual C so that it no longer leads to any trouble. Thanks.
Brandon Schaefer
Backout the vulkan change in cd67e676bca7 breaks Mir builds
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4091 - Undefined references to Android audio functions when SDL_AUDIO_DISABLED is on

Manuel Sabogal

If SDL is compiled with the Audio subsystem disabled there are some undefined references to the functions ANDROIDAUDIO_ResumeDevices and ANDROIDAUDIO_PauseDevices in the file src/video/android/SDL_androidevents.c.