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Sylvain Becker
Android/openslES: some space and indentation to match SDL conventions
Sylvain Becker
Android: add mutex protection to onNativeOrientationChanged

it's possible receive try to send an event between the check first for SDL_GetVideoDevice
and SDL_VideoQuit is called
Ryan C. Gordon
evdev: Add touchscreen mouse emulation and pressure support (thanks, Zach!).

This also solves reports of this log message:

"INFO: The key you just pressed is not recognized by SDL. To help get this
fixed, please report this to the SDL forums/mailing list
<https://discourse.libsdl.org/> EVDEV KeyCode 330"

(EVDEV KeyCode 330 is BTN_TOUCH.)

Fixes Bugzilla #4147.
Sylvain Becker
Android/openslES: set audio in paused/resumed state for Android event loop
And also in "stopped" state before closing the device.
Patrice Mandin
atari:xbios: On ST,STE, C2P routine has 4 bits planes as destination, calculate correct width
Sam Lantinga
Fixed compiler warning
Sylvain Becker
Android: minor, remove static attributes, move mIsSurfaceReady to SDLSurface
Sylvain Becker
Android/openslES: register and use CloseDevice function.
Sylvain Becker
Android: use the same naming for JNI env local variables
Sylvain Becker
Android: fix bad merge from previous commit
Sylvain Becker
Android: remove another hard-coded constant for Samsung DeX (no op!)
Sylvain Becker
Android/openslES: start playing, after creating ressources
Sylvain Becker
Fixed bug 4453 - GLES / GLES2: first white renderer clear cmd is drawn as black
Sylvain Becker
Android: create Pause/ResumeSem semaphore at higher level than CreateWindow()

- If you call onPause() before CreateWindow(), SDLThread will run in infinite loop in background.

- If you call onPause() between a DestroyWindow() and a new CreateWindow(), semaphores are invalids.

SDLActivity.java: the first resume() starts the SDLThread, don't call
nativeResume() as it would post ResumeSem. And the first pause would
automatically be resumed.
Sylvain Becker
Android: remove duplicate code in SDLGenericMotionListener_API24
and use parent method
Sylvain Becker
Android: fix prototype of Android_JNI_InitTouch
Sylvain Becker
Android: prevent concurrency in Android_SetScreenResolution() when exiting
by checking Android_Window validity

- SDLThread: user application is exiting:
    SDL_VideoQuit() and clearing SDL_GetVideoDevice()

- ActivityThread is changing orientation/size
    surfaceChanged() > Android_SetScreenResolution() > SDL_GetVideoDevice()

- Separate function into Android_SetScreenResolution() and Android_SendResize(),
    formating, and mark Android_DeviceWidth/Heigh as static
Sylvain Becker
Android: merge SDLJoystickHandler_API12 and SDLJoystickHandler_API16
Sam Lantinga
Updated minimum supported Android version to API 16, to match latest NDK toolchain
Sylvain Becker
Android: minor change in the evaluation of SOURCE_CLASS_JOYSTICK (no op!)

InputDevice.SOURCE_CLASS_* are one bit
More readable to check that the source has this class_joystick set,
compared to the other statements, where the source is gamepad or dpad.
(Clean-up from bug 3958)
Sylvain Becker
Android: change the way JNIEnv is retrieved

- Currently, it tries to Attach the JVM first and update the thread local storage, which are two operations.
  Now, it simply gives back the JNI Env stored for the thread.

- Android_JNI_SetupThreadi() should only be used for external.
  For internal SDL thread, it's already called in RunThread() (SDL_systhread.c),
  and other thread are Java threads which don't need to be attached. i
  (even if it doesn't hurt to do it, since it's a no-op).

- JNI_OnLoad is filled with pthread_create, GetEnv, AttachCurrentThread...
  It's called for all shared libraries which may don't want this setup,
  and loading libraries can be also modified to be done from a static context,
  or with relinker. So it's not really clear how, who and what it sets up.
  => Reduce this function to the minimal
Patrice Mandin
atari: Fill audio buffer with silence when too many interrupts triggered on same buffer
Sylvain Becker
Android: remove old code after Android-16 has been set as minimum requirement
Sylvain Becker
Android: move static variable isPaused/isPausing to SDL_VideoData structure

- remove unneed check to Android_Window->driverdata
- add window check into context_backup/restore
Sam Lantinga
Initial Android OpenSL ES implementation, contributed by ANTA
Sylvain Becker
Fixed bug 4024 - remove trailing comma of Controller mappings
because it reports an error "Unexpected controller element"
Patrice Mandin
atari: Align audio buffer size on 4 bytes
Sylvain Becker
Android: move and group JNIEnv helper functions
Sylvain Becker
Android/openslES: check for non NULL variable, some intialization.
use the previous naming
Sylvain Becker
Android/openslES: fix Pause/ResumeDevices when openslES is not used
Sylvain Becker
Android: also update APP_PLATFORM to android-16 in Application.mk

Sylvain Becker
Android: don't call Android_JNI_ThreadDestroyed() for Java SDLThread

SDLThread is a Java Thread, it's not needed to call 'Detach' from the JVM.
Clear mThreadKey, so that the pthread_create destructor is not called for this
Sylvain Becker
Android: use pthread_once for creating thread key 'mThreadKey'
Sylvain Becker
Fixed bug 3930 - Android, set thread priorities and names

SDLActivity thread priority is unchanged, by default -10 (THREAD_PRIORITY_VIDEO).

SDLAudio thread priority was -4 (SDL_SetThreadPriority was ignored) and is now -16 (THREAD_PRIORITY_AUDIO).

SDLThread thread priority was 0 (THREAD_PRIORITY_DEFAULT) and is -4 (THREAD_PRIORITY_DISPLAY).
Sylvain Becker
Android/openslES: move a few static variables to SDL_PrivateAudioData structure
Sylvain Becker
Android: add name for Touch devices and simplification, from bug 3958
Ryan C. Gordon
evdev: don't debug log on a BTN_TOUCH from a non-touch device.
Sylvain Becker
Android: Audio thread is already setup for the JVM
In 'src/thread/pthread/SDL_systhread.c' RunThread() calls first 'Android_JNI_SetupThread()'
Sylvain Becker
Android: remove hard-coded constant for Samsung DeX (no op!)


SOURCE_MOUSE            Constant Value: 8194 (0x00002002)
SOURCE_TOUCHSCREEN      Constant Value: 4098 (0x00001002)
SOURCE_CLASS_POINTER    Constant Value: 2    (0x00000002)

Sylvain Becker
Android: remove trailing spaces