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Ryan C. Gordon
winrt: Disabled Windows Phone 8.0 builds.

It lacks APIs we need for WASAPI and probably no one will miss it. 8.1 is
still supported.
"Guillermo A. Amaral"
Make rpi video cross-compiler friendly.
* Stops using fixed path to find GLES/EGL libs.
* Tries pkg-config to locate bcm_host.

Signed-off-by: Guillermo A. Amaral <g@maral.me>
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4012 - Wayland: invalid direction on mouse wheel


Invalid direction on mouse wheel

Patch tested in Centos 7 + Weston
Sam Lantinga
Fixed spacing in copyright headers
Sam Lantinga
Fixed formatting, added actual count to SDL error message
Alex Szpakowski
metal: implement SDL_RenderCopyEx, and fix a memory leak in SDL_CreateTexture.
Ryan C. Gordon
winrt: workaround for pre-UWP builds.

There's probably a better way to do this for legacy platforms, though.
Alex Szpakowski
metal: Fix a typo preventing iOS compilation...
Ryan C. Gordon
windows: Use WaitForSingleObjectEx() always

This is available since Windows XP, so it's safe to use always, not just in
a WinRT ifdef.
Sam Lantinga
Added a hint SDL_HINT_APPLE_TV_REMOTE_SWIPES_AS_ARROW_KEYS to prevent turning Apple TV remote swipes into arrow key events
Sam Lantinga
Fixed metal renderer pixel centers when drawing
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4011 - Wayland: fix free cursor


Sometimes SDL application crashes on cursor free.

Patch tested under Centos 7 + weston
Alex Szpakowski
metal: Use sampler state objects instead of shader-declared samplers for linear vs nearest filtering.

This avoids a ton of shader duplication once multiple shaders that use samplers are added (e.g. the currently missing YUV shaders).
  • sdl-ios-xcode: compile failed -  stdio
Dawid Gan
EGL: Request sRGB framebuffer in correct place.

The EGL_GL_COLORSPACE_KHR is an attribute for eglCreate*Surface.

As written in EGL_KHR_gl_colorspace documentation:

    Accepted as an attribute name by eglCreateWindowSurface,
    eglCreatePbufferSurface and eglCreatePixmapSurface

        EGL_GL_COLORSPACE_KHR                  0x309D
John Bartholomew
Vulkan: Allow SDL_Vulkan_GetInstanceExtensions to be called with a larger array than necessary.
Ryan C. Gordon
winrt: Add mmdevapi.lib dependency to WinRT8.1 builds, for WASAPI support.
Alex Szpakowski
metal: Clean up manual reference counting. Fixes some memory leaks.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed direction of y adjustment for new orthographic projection in the metal renderer
Alex Szpakowski
metal: Add support for custom blend modes.
Sam Lantinga
Updated copyright for 2018
Alex Szpakowski
metal: Implement fast hardware clearing when possible, by deferring the start of a render pass until a clear or draw operation happens.
Alex Szpakowski
Android: resolve symlinks in SDL_AndroidGetInternalStoragePath (thanks Henrique Gemignani and cigumo!)

Fixes issues on modern Android versions when the path is used in code that explicitly doesn't follow symlinks (such as PHYSFS_mkdir).
Alex Szpakowski
configure script: Implement testing for build-time Metal SDK support.
Alex Szpakowski
metal: use a private instead of managed buffer for the renderer's non-changing constant data.

Recommended by Xcode's Metal frame capture analysis.
Alex Szpakowski
macOS: Fix MoltenVK Metal view resizing, and allow the metal view to be used without vulkan.
Alex Szpakowski
metal and moltenvk: fix highdpi.
Ryan C. Gordon
windows: Remove references to GetVersionExA (thanks, Andrew Pilley!).

"GetVersionExA is deprecated in windows 8.1 and above's SDK, causing a warning
when building against the win10 SDK. Attached patch cleans up the usage for a
warning-free build.

GetVersionExA was being used to test to see if SDL was running on win9x or
winnt. A quick chat with Ryan on twitter suggested that SDL doesn't
officially support win9x anymore, so the call to this can be outright removed.

As an aside, replacing the call to GetVersionExA with VerifyVersionInfoA (the
recommended path) would have been pointless, as VerifyVersionInfoA only
supports VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT and doesn't officially support any other value
for dwPlatformId currently. (And it's probable that win9x SDKs didn't have
VerifyVersionInfo* in them anyway.)"

Fixes Bugzilla #4019.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4043 - SDL_windowswindow.c incorrect icon height

Needed to allocate space for the mask in the ICONIMAGE structure
Alex Szpakowski
metal: set max texture size based on device capability.
Alex Szpakowski
iOS: fix build
Sam Lantinga
Added availability check to fix compiler warning for symbol only available on tvOS 11.0 and newer
Ryan C. Gordon
wasapi: Patched to compile on non-UWP WinRT builds.
Alex Szpakowski
metal: Add support for YUV/NV12 texture formats.
Alex Szpakowski
metal: Misc. improvements.

- Use a single buffer for various non-changing constants accessed by the GPU, instead of multiple buffers.
- Do the half-pixel offset for points and lines using a transform matrix so we don't need a malloc when rendering.
- Don't add a half-pixel offset for other primitives and textures. This matches D3D and GL render behaviour.
- Remove the half-texel texture coordinate offset since it's not needed now that there's no more half-pixel position offset when rendering a texture.
- Don't try to set texture usage on iOS 8 since it doesn't exist there.
Alex Szpakowski
metal: Fix pipeline states to use the pixel format of the current render target, instead of a hard-coded format.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4018 - Implement SDL_GetWindowBordersSize() under Windows/Win32/WinAPI

Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas (Swyter)

As a new year gift I have implemented the Windows version of SDL_GetWindowBordersSize(). I needed it for auto-selecting a cozy window size for the game I'm currently working on and noticed that it only worked under X11, so I thought it could be a good excuse to contribute back more stuff. The Mercurial patch is attached as a .diff file. Let me know what you think.

Happy 2018 to all the SDL2 devs and users!


PS: Keep in mind that Windows 10 includes the 8px invisible grip borders as part of the frame. There's a way of detecting if Aero/DWM is being used and ask only for the visible rect, but I believe that GetWindowRect() is doing that for a reason and working as intended, so I haven't changed it. (See [2])

[1]: http://www.firststeps.ru/mfc/winapi/r.php?72
[2]: https://stackoverflow.com/a/34143777/674685
[3]: https://stackoverflow.com/a/431548/674685
[4]: https://wiki.libsdl.org/SDL_GetWindowBordersSize
Marius Gripsgard
Mir: Handle close window events
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4013 - Wayland: fix videoquit on multimonitor system


On multimonitor system Wayland_VideoQuit invalid deiniting.

Tested in Centos7 + Weston
Alex Szpakowski
metal: Use the existing cocoa code for creating a Metal view on macOS. Fixes the renderer size when the window is resized.
Sam Lantinga
Restored borderless window behavior where DOTA created a borderless window the size of the desktop and expected it to behave like a fullscreen desktop window.

A future SDL release will change the borderless window to act more like a normal window that happens to have no chrome, to support windows that draw their own chrome. In the meantime, those applications should set the "SDL_BORDERLESS_WINDOWED_STYLE" hint.