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Ryan C. Gordon
dbus: System bus is optional, we only need a session bus (thanks, tamo!).

Fixes Bugzilla #4795.
Sam Lantinga
Enable thread-safety features in libdbus

There are multiple SDL APIs that internally sink into dbus calls, e.g. battery
status, thread priority. If those calls happen in different threads simultaneously
it can result in dbus crashes.

To abide by dbus's multithreading guidelines we must call dbus_threads_init_default()
to enable dbus's internal locking mechanisms:

Additionally, access to a DBusMessage must be synchronized between threads.
SDL was already abiding that guideline as the DBusMessage structs aren't shared.

The following email from the dbus mailing list hints that arbitrating access to
the DBusConnection on the SDL may also be required:
David Ludwig
iOS: fixed bug whereby some SDL testing apps weren't launching

Test apps in Xcode-iOS/Test/TestiPhoneOS.xcodeproj weren't launching
in the most-recent release of Xcode and the iOS Simulator (version 11.3.1).
This was caused by their shared Info.plist file not defining a
CFBundleShortVersionString (as reported by Xcode, when launching a test
app from within Xcode).
Jay Petacat
Do not overwrite window surface created by driver

If a driver's implementation of CreateWindowFramebuffer sets the window
surface, use that rather than overwriting it. A driver may set the window
surface if data cannot be passed via the CreateWindowFramebuffer output
parameters (e.g. surface palette colors).
Sam Lantinga
Allow Valve devices in driver check, we know they're well behaved controllers
Sam Lantinga
Only build raw input support on Windows
  • sdl-mingw-amd64: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-mingw-x86: compile failed -  stdio
Emir Marincic
[NSOpenGLContext update[ is prohibited outside the main thread
Ryan C. Gordon
cocoa: Just update the OpenGL context directly if on the main thread.
Sam Lantinga
SDL: plumb previously unused digital trigger bits for PS4 controllers. Victrix fight stick only sets these bits and doesn't send the analog values

CR: SamL
Sam Lantinga
Backed out changeset 3797974f4ccf
Ryan C. Gordon
configure: Remove wayland-protocols check from configure and CMake scripts.

We ship these with SDL now, don't need the system versions installed.
Ryan C. Gordon
alsa: Fix excessive I/O causing higher CPU usage

"On GCW Zero jz4770 platform, I saw higher than usual CPU usage when
running a more recent kernel (4.xx series versus 3.xx). Upon
investigation, it was found that the ALSA pcm file was not blocking
as it should. This resulted in ~30-50,000 system calls a second that
were unnecesary.

After adjusting the order in which SDL requests its pcm blocking mode,
the number of syscalls a second has dropped to a much smaller figure,
< 1,000/sec if I recall correctly. CPU usage also dropped by ~5%."

(This patch was written by Daniel Silsby.)

Fixes Bugzilla #4941.
Sam Lantinga
Allow background music to play in the "play and record" case on iOS
Ryan C. Gordon
joystick: Make sure recentering events happen before disconnect events.

Fixes Bugzilla #5063.
Jimb Esser
Probable fix for compile errors on Mac OS and (non-VS) Win32
Sam Lantinga
Removed blacklist entries for devices that aren't game controllers, allow Steam Controllers
Sam Lantinga
Fixed building back to Mac OSX using the 10.7 SDK
Sam Lantinga
Updated documentation so people know to set the SDL_HINT_NO_SIGNAL_HANDLERS hint before SDL_Init()
Fabrice Fontaine
src/video/directfb/SDL_DirectFB_render.c: fix build
Build with directfb is broken due to a spurious '}' and a missing 'E'
since version 2.0.12 and https://hg.libsdl.org/SDL/rev/2d5b5a5ccbfb:

/home/buildroot/autobuild/run/instance-2/output-1/build/sdl2-2.0.12/src/video/directfb/SDL_DirectFB_render.c: In function 'SetBlendMode':
/home/buildroot/autobuild/run/instance-2/output-1/build/sdl2-2.0.12/src/video/directfb/SDL_DirectFB_render.c:202:9: error: case label not within a switch statement
  202 |        case SDL_BLENDMODE_MUL:
      |        ^~~~

/home/buildroot/autobuild/run/instance-2/output-1/build/sdl2-2.0.12/src/video/directfb/SDL_DirectFB_render.c:205:67: error: 'DSBF_DSTCOLOR' undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean 'DSBF_DESTCOLOR'?
  205 |            SDL_DFB_CHECK(destsurf->SetSrcBlendFunction(destsurf, DSBF_DSTCOLOR));
      |                                                                  ^~~~~~~~~~~~~

- http://autobuild.buildroot.org/results/83ccefee68c2800c0544e6f40fa8bc8ee6b67b77

Signed-off-by: Fabrice Fontaine <fontaine.fabrice@gmail.com>
Sam Lantinga
Backed out changeset ca9c225103c4
Sam Lantinga
Fix incorrectly terminated MakeThreadHighPriority dbus message

Currently the message is double terminated, which results in SDL_DBus_CallMethodInternal()
incorrectly assuming that the other party is always returning true.

I'm not super familiar with dbus, so I'm not sure if this could also be the cause of this bug:
Ryan C. Gordon
coreaudio: The default SDL audio device now tracks the system output default.

So if you go into System Preferences on a MacBook and toggle between a pair of
connected bluetooth headphones and built-in internal speakers, SDL will
switch the device it is playing sound through, to match this setting, on the

Likewise if the default output device is a USB thing and is unplugged; as the
default device changes at the system level, SDL will pick this up and carry
on with the new default. This is different from our unplug detection for
specific devices, as in those cases we want to send the app a disconnect
notification, instead of migrating transparently as we now do for default

Note that this should also work for capture devices; if the device changes,
SDL will start recording from the new default.

Fixes Bugzilla #4851.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 5049 - HORI Wireless Switch Pad does not connect properly via Bluetooth


The HORI Wireless Switch Pad does not properly connect via bluetooth. I did some debugging and found that the code that tries to control the Home LED causes this controller to disconnect.
Sam Lantinga
Don't check the HIDAPI driver for the virtual device created by xow
Fix shared library suffix on OSX
Sam Lantinga
Regenerated configure with configure.ac changes
Ryan C. Gordon
thread: Put all important SDL_CreateThread internal data into SDL_Thread.

This avoids the need to malloc something extra, use a semaphore, etc, and
fixes Emscripten with pthreads support, which might not spin up a web worker
until after SDL_CreateThread returns and thus can't wait on a semaphore at
this point in any case.

Fixes Bugzilla #5064.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed build warning when using mingw-64 - the SDL code doesn't have any undefined symbols
Sam Lantinga
Fixed setting the "playandrecord" audio hint on Apple TV

The Apple TV doesn't have record capability by default, so activating the audio session with AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord fails.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed warning building version.rc using mingw-64
Fabrice Fontaine
src/video/kmsdrm/SDL_kmsdrmvideo.c: fix build
Build is broken without EGL since version 2.0.12 and

/home/giuliobenetti/autobuild/run/instance-1/output-1/build/sdl2-2.0.12/src/video/kmsdrm/SDL_kmsdrmvideo.c: In function 'KMSDRM_CreateSurfaces':
/home/giuliobenetti/autobuild/run/instance-1/output-1/build/sdl2-2.0.12/src/video/kmsdrm/SDL_kmsdrmvideo.c:394:5: error: unknown type name 'EGLContext'
    EGLContext egl_context;

- http://autobuild.buildroot.org/results/fafd20a01591032662f9ca025fcea3478239cf3c

Signed-off-by: Fabrice Fontaine <fontaine.fabrice@gmail.com>
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 5051 - Switch Pro Controller hidapi driver does not report battery levels when connected via Bluetooth


I've noticed that the Switch Pro Controller hidapi driver does not report battery levels when connected via Bluetooth, despite having code for setting joystick->epowerlevel.

This is caused by the driver always using k_eSwitchInputReportIDs_SimpleControllerState via Bluetooth. Using that mode means that the state reports you get back from the controller do not include battery state. Not using the full controller state over Bluetooth effectively makes this driver's support for setting joystick->epowerlevel entirely pointless, only ever reporting SDL_JOYSTICK_POWER_WIRED.

Is there a reason this was set to only use SimpleControllerState via Bluetooth?

I've attached a patch I'm using to allow getting battery level for the Switch Pro Controller.

A couple notes about this patch:
1) It changes LoadStickCalibration to accept the input_mode that is selected, because that's really what should determine what is used for stick extents, since stick extents differ between the modes.
2) In my patch I only use FullControllerState when the vid/pid matches the official Switch Pro Controller, as a cautionary measure in case some third-party controllers have problems with FullControllerState mode via Bluetooth (I noticed a HORI Wireless Switch Pad I had seemed to not read controller calibration correctly for stick extents. Maybe it's calibration data was uninitialized on account of having never been used with a Switch? I'm unsure, though if that guess is right maybe SDL2 should be detecting an uninitiated calibration state and using some sensible defaults)
Sam Lantinga
Fixed compile warnings
Sam Lantinga
Updated thread priorities for Apple operating systems
David Ludwig
Fixed Bug 4883, redux - connect SDL_GetDisplayDPI to UIKit_GetDisplayDPI

SDL_GetDisplayDPI was failing on iOS, as UIKit_GetDisplayDPI was
not getting assigned to SDL's internal field in SDL_VideoDevice:
Cameron Gutman
Only enumerate HID devices on Windows that have gamepad HID usages

There are a number of poorly behaved HID devices that time out on attempts to
read various strings. Rather than end up on an endless treadmill of blacklisting
broken devices, reduce our risk by only querying devices that are gamepads.
SDL_hidapijoystick.c already checks these same usages, so we shouldn't
exclude any working HID devices (caveat below).

This also makes HidP_GetPreparsedData() and HidP_GetCaps() failure skip
the device entirely, but that seems desired. If a device can't even return basic
top-level collection data properly, we want nothing to do with that broken device.
If we do find devices that work with HIDAPI joystick and fail these calls, we can
add an exception via VID+PID matching.
Ryan C. Gordon
opengl: Don't enable/disable texturing except when actually rendering.

Otherwise our cached state goes out of sync when updating a texture. Since
these state changes aren't necessary, they were removed instead of updating
the cached state.

Fixes Bugzilla #4998.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 5044 - CMake messes up hidapi path when project directory contains spaces

Eric Jing

When the project directory path contains spaces, CMake butchers the include path for the hidapi files.

I traced the problem to the cmake/sdlchecks.cmake file at line 1091, which sets flags for the build process. I surrounded the problem flag with double quotes, shown below, and CMake works with spaces in the project directory path.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 5052 - Interval between SDL_SENSORUPDATE events for gyroscopes is too high

Andrei Kortunov

Hello. I try to implement an application for Android, which uses a new sensors API from 2.0.9 to control a camera rotation via built-in gyroscope, using the code from the test/testsensor.c as an example.

Gyroscope input itself works well, but an interval between SDL_SENSORUPDATE events is about 200ms (the SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL, I believe), when I need the interval about 20-40ms (the SENSOR_DELAY_GAME or SENSOR_DELAY_FASTEST).
Ryan C. Gordon
egl: Don't use SDL_LoadFunction to get GL entry points on Emscripten.

This results in a dlsym() call, which causes Emscripten to panic if the game
wasn't explicitly built dlopen support. eglGetProcAddress works just fine on
this platform, so just let that codepath handle it.