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Sam Lantinga
Added patch note for Android Studio support
Sam Lantinga
Added mapping for the ASUS Gamepad removing the guide button, which doesn't generate events even though it's reported in the Android APIs.
Sam Lantinga
Use the real controller name for game controllers on iOS and Apple TV
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4092 - CMake support for building everything in the "test" directory

Eric Wasylishen

Patch to support building the tests with cmake.
Disabled by default, use: "cmake .. -DSDL_TEST=YES" to enable the tests.

Tested on macOS 10.13 with the ninja, makefile, and Xcode generators, and Windows 10 with the Visual Studio 2017 generator.
Sam Lantinga
Delay delivery of the pause button release on MFI controllers so it doesn't happen in the same frame as the button press
Mark Callow
Support official Vulkan SDK for macOS.

This tries to load vulkan.framework or libvulkan.1.dylib before MoltenVK.framework
or libMoltenVK.dylib. In the previous version, layers would not work for applications
run-time loading the default library.
Sam Lantinga
Added Android custom cursor implementation
This is commented out in SDLActivity.java, with the note #CURSORIMPLEENTATION because it requires API 24, which is higher than the minimum required SDK
Sam Lantinga
Moved Android patch note into the Android section
Sam Lantinga
Fixed MinGW-w64 build
Sam Lantinga
Progress fixing bug 4100 - errors and warnings after changeset 11917

Ozkan Sezer 2018-03-02 20:02:37 UTC
http://hg.libsdl.org/SDL/rev/5ce3f8bf8381 resulted in an error and
two warnings when compiled with mingw.

1.  Error from SDL_windowstaskdialog.h:
In file included from src/video/windows/SDL_windowsmessagebox.c:29:0:
src/video/windows/SDL_windowstaskdialog.h:23:54: error: expected ')' before 'HWND'

This is fixed by removing unnecessary annotations:

2.  Warning from SDL_assert.c:
src/SDL_assert.c: In function 'SDL_ExitProcess':
src/SDL_assert.c:138:1: warning: 'noreturn' function does return

Indeed ExitProcess() is prototyped with DECLSPEC_NORETURN, but
TerminateProcess() is not.  This can be rectified by adding an
exit() call in there. Do NOTE, however, that requires building
with a libc:

3.  Warning from SDL_windowsmessagebox.c:
src/video/windows/SDL_windowsmessagebox.c: In function 'WIN_ShowMessageBox':
src/video/windows/SDL_windowsmessagebox.c:513:9: warning: 'nCancelButton' may be used uninitialized in this function

My lazy solution was manually initializing nCancelButton to 0.
Sam Lantinga
Added Mac OpenGL ES configure support
Sam Lantinga
Fixed setting the layer drawable size
Without this change the drawable had a size of 0 and the metal renderer asserted because the projection matrix wasn't set.
Sam Lantinga
Added tag release-2.0.8 for changeset f1084c419f33
Sam Lantinga
Added patch note for Ryan's work
Ryan C. Gordon
windows: Message boxes use Task Dialogs if possible (thanks, Jack!).

This lets the message box have an icon. Unless the app has opted-in to using
the v6 common controls, though, this will fall back to the usual SDL message
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4102 - define _WIN32_WINNT_WIN7 if not already defined

Ozkan Sezer

The following patch defines _WIN32_WINNT_WIN7 if it is not already
defined in core/windows/SDL_windows.c,  similar to what is already
there for _WIN32_WINNT_VISTA.
Sam Lantinga
Generalized the handling of instantaneous guide button presses so there's a minimum of 100 ms between guide button press and release.
This happens with at least the following controllers: All Apple MFI controllers, ASUS Gamepad, XiaoMi Bluetooth Controller
  • sdl-android: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-emscripten: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-freebsd-amd64-clang: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-ios-xcode: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-macosx-static-analysis: compile failed -  stdiowarnings (21)
  • sdl-macosx-unix: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-macosx-xcode: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-nacl: compile failed -  stdio
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4103 - SDL_cpuinfo.h provokes warnings with -Wundef on non-x86 hosts

Felix Geyer

Forwarding from https://bugs.debian.org/892087 quoting verbatim:

The SDL2 header SDL_cpuinfo.h generates gcc warnings if the program using
it compiles with the -Wundef warning. (In particular, this means that QEMU
builds using it fail on at least sparc hosts, since QEMU dev builds
use both -Wundef and -Werror.).

/usr/include/SDL2/SDL_cpuinfo.h:63:5: warning: "HAVE_IMMINTRIN_H" is not defined, evaluates to 0 [-Wundef]
Sam Lantinga
Reimplemented Android cursor API support using reflection so it builds with older SDKs
Ryan C. Gordon
windows: dos2unix'd messagebox code, and (hopefully) fixed on MingW.
Ryan C. Gordon
assert: Use TerminateProcess() on Windows, vs ExitProcess (thanks, Jack!).

"What I have done is use TerminateProcess rather than ExitProcess.
ExitProcess will cause Microsoft's leak detection to continue, TerminateProcess
won't. It is also technically wrong to use ExitProcess in the case of aborting
the application.

Jack Powell
Twitter @jack9267"
Sam Lantinga
Include a USB VID/PID for Apple MFI controllers
This is just placeholder VID/PID, but allows code that works with VID/PID to identify the MFI controllers easily.
Sam Lantinga
Added a patch note for OpenGL ES support on Mac
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4101 - configure needs regenerating after changeset 11894
Sam Lantinga
Try to dynamically create a default Android game controller mapping based on the buttons and axes on the controller.
Include the controller USB VID/PID in the GUID where possible, as we do on other platforms.
Ozkan Sezer
SDL_test_fuzzer.c: fix strict aliasing warnings by using a union.
MichaƂ Janiszewski
Fix ARM builds with MSVC
Sam Lantinga
Added a mapping for the latest firmware for the Xbox One S controller on Android
Ryan C. Gordon
windows: Restore patches for Task Dialogs and TerminateProcess().

2.0.8 has shipped, these can live in revision control now!
Sam Lantinga
Added SDL_GameControllerMappingForDeviceIndex() to get the mapping for a controller before it's opened
Sam Lantinga
Updated documentation with API changes in SDL 2.0.8
Sam Lantinga
Temporarily disabled fullscreen switching code on Android, until we can resolve bug 4096 - Enabling fullscreen on Android causes the app to toggle fullscreen mode continuously in a loop
Sam Lantinga
Added patch note about the Vulkan Mac SDK
Olli Kallioinen
cmake: Set debug library name suffix per target instead of setting it globally. Don't add a suffix on android
Sam Lantinga
Fixed return value
Sam Lantinga
Temporary fix for bug 3432 - macOS 10.12: small scrolls (1 wheel notch) don't generate events

Eric Wasylishen

This bug was reintroduced by https://hg.libsdl.org/SDL/rev/68a80d7afec3

The steps to reproduce are the same: run the "testrelative" SDL demo with "--info all",
connect a USB mouse with a scroll wheel, and roll the scroll wheel one "notch". You'll get log output like:

testdraw2[1644:67222] INFO: SDL EVENT: Mouse: wheel scrolled 0 in x and 0 in y (reversed: 1) in window 1

As far as I can tell macOS doesn't have an API for getting the number of "wheel notches"; I get a deltaY of 0.100006 for one "notch", and it's heavily accelerated (if you roll the wheel quickly you'll get large deltas). So NSEvent's deltaY is only meant to be used for scrolling a scroll view, with the given distance in points, not something like selecting an item in a game.

Here's a temporary patch that at restores the foor/ceil in Cocoa_HandleMouseWheel.
Not ideal, but at least it restores the ability to scroll one notch of a mousewheel.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4097 - Segmentation fault by SDL_CreateThreadWithStackSize

Dongsun Kim

Normal case
1. [thread 1] SDL_CreateThreadWithStackSize calls SDL_SYS_CreateThread.
2. [thread 1] If successful, it calls SDL_SemWait.
3. [thread 2] SDL_RunThread calls SDL_SYS_SetupThread, SDL_ThreadID, SDL_SemPost.
4. [thread 1] SDL_CreateThreadWithStackSize calls SDL_DestroySemaphore, SDL_free.

Crash case (Segmentation fault)
1. [thread 1] SDL_CreateThreadWithStackSize calls SDL_SYS_CreateThread.
2. [thread 1] If successful, it calls SDL_SemWait.
--> Error return due to SIGNAL(SYSTEM or Real Time) at sem_wait(pthread).
3. [thread 1] SDL_CreateThreadWithStackSize calls SDL_DestroySemaphore, SDL_free.
4. [thread 2] SDL_RunThread calls SDL_SYS_SetupThread, SDL_ThreadID, SDL_SemPost.
--> Segmentation fault at strlen or sem_post.
Ryan C. Gordon
Back out Task Dialog and TerminateProcess patches for 2.0.8.

These can return to revision control once we ship.
Sam Lantinga
Added missing file to tvOS build
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4091 - Undefined references to Android audio functions when SDL_AUDIO_DISABLED is on

Manuel Sabogal

If SDL is compiled with the Audio subsystem disabled there are some undefined references to the functions ANDROIDAUDIO_ResumeDevices and ANDROIDAUDIO_PauseDevices in the file src/video/android/SDL_androidevents.c.