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Sylvain Becker
Android: revert commit SW_GetOutputSize, again (Bug 4669)
Sylvain Becker
Android: try to fix resize with software rendering (bug 4669)
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4624 - KMS/DRM fails on FreeBSD because /dev/dri/card* nodes are symlinks

Jan Martin Mikkelsen

Patch to scan /dev/dri based on names rather than file type

Loading KMS/DRM on FreeBSD fails because the "available" code in the driver checks for character device nodes under /dev/dri and the /dev/dri/card* files are symlinks rather than device nodes nodes on FreeBSD. The symlink points to /dev/drm/0.

The attached patch counts /dev/dri/card* entries rather than directory entries which are character devices.
Sylvain Becker
Android: resize with software rendering, reverted again (Bug 4669)
Zack Middleton
Make GameCube controllers only rumble if both USB cables are connected
The Nintendo USB GameCube Adapter has two USB connectors. Black for data
and grey for additional power for rumble. The Wii U and other software
require both cables to use rumble. The rumble is weaker without the
second USB cable. Other than that I don't know if there is any negative
side affects from using rumble with only one cable.
Sylvain Becker
KMSDRM: fix inverted strcmp, remove useless if test (Bug 4624)
Sylvain Becker
KMSDRM: fix compilation on linux, no d_namlen (Bug 4624)
Sam Lantinga
Fixed potential double-free in mouse cleanup code
  • sdl-macosx-static-analysis: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-macosx-unix: compile failed -  stdio
  • sdl-macosx-xcode: compile failed -  stdio
Sam Lantinga
Use SDL C runtime functions
Sylvain Becker
Android: revert previous commit (Bug 4669)
(Refs #1)
Ryan C. Gordon
windows: Call GetWindowText() with the correct parameters (thanks, Zebediah!)

GetWindowText() wants you to tell it the size of the buffer--including the
terminating NULL char--but we weren't counting that last char, losing the
last char of the string in the process. This was only seen with the special
case of SDL_CreateWindowFrom() to use an existing native window, not
the usual SDL_CreateWindow() codepath.

Fixes Bugzilla #4696.
Sam Lantinga
Rolling back GameCube HIDAPI support
It causes the HIDAPI devices to always be opened on enumeration, which causes crashes in the Windows drivers when multiple applications are reading and writing at the same time. We can revisit this after 2.0.10 release.
Ryan C. Gordon
opengl: Be more robust in failing cases.

Load all possible symbols, not just until one fails, in case they get used
during shutdown, etc.

Fixes Bugzilla #4093.
Zack Middleton
Handle GameCube WaveBird controller differences
Make wireless GameCube controllers use unknown power level instead of
wired and don't allow rumble (it doesn't have hardware for it).
Sylvain Becker
Fixed bug 4669: Android software renderer, black screen when window resizes

Using the software SDL_Renderer on Android leads to GL errors & black screen when window resizes
Ozkan Sezer
define __ARM_NEON for Windows only if _M_ARM or _M_ARM64 is defined.  fixes Visual Studio builds.
Zack Middleton
Fix GameCube controller power level being reset to unknown
HIDAPI_DriverGameCube_OpenJoystick() set power level to wired and then
it was set to unknown in SDL_JoystickOpen().
Alex Szpakowski
Fix synthetically generated mouse events getting lost forever after the device orientation changes (or the window is otherwise resized) while a finger is touching the screen.
Ozkan Sezer
update version in os/2 makefile
Ryan C. Gordon
direct3d: Use D3DPOOL_DEFAULT for vertex buffers after all, release correctly.

Fixes Bugzilla #4679.
Fixes Bugzilla #4537.
Sylvain Becker
Android: prevent ignoring surfaceChanged() in MultiWindow
Sam Lantinga
Make sure we haven't changed the size of the SDL_Event structure and broken binary compatibility.
Cameron Gutman
direct3d: Fix dirty textures failing to update

Even if the texture itself has not changed since last time, the data may have
so we must call UpdateDirtyTexture() to handle that possibility.
Ryan C. Gordon
cocoa: Patched to compile and also handle possible malloc failure.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4667 - Build errors on Linux when building without Threads support

Manuel Sabogal

There is an issue on the latest commit of the mercurial repo when SDL_THREADS_DISABLED is set:

src/core/linux/SDL_threadprio.c:79:28: error: unknown type name 'Sint64'; did you mean 'int'
Sam Lantinga
Only warp the mouse to set focus if we're definitely going into relative mode
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4684 - GLES1 variables missing under Android with CMake

Braden Obrzut


I believe the following should also be specified there:


As it is now GLES1 support is missing when building for Android despite it linking to the library.
Sylvain Becker
Android: export Lock/Unlock activity API
Sam Lantinga
Removed extraneous fprintf() call
Sam Lantinga
Fixed building DMG archive on Mac OS X
Sam Lantinga
Fixed compiler warning
Ozkan Sezer
fix permissions
Ryan C. Gordon
wayland: Fixed C99-style variable declaration inside for-loop.
Sam Lantinga
Updated version to 2.0.10
Sam Lantinga
Fixed bug 4672 - Warnings in SDL_LogEvent()
Sam Lantinga
Fixed 4669 - Using the software SDL_Renderer on Android leads to GL errors & black screen when window resizes


I think what happening with the software renderer is:

* you're somehow in background (so texture creation is not possible)
* it resizes and wants to push a SDL_WINDOWEVENT_SIZE_CHANGED
It call:
* GetOutputSize
* SW_GetOutputSize
* SW_ActivateRenderer
* SDL_GetWindowSurface
* SDL_CreateWindowFramebuffer which is mapped to SDL_CreateWindowTexture
and it ends up re-creating the surface/a texture, while being in background
Sylvain Becker
Android: prevent using SW_GetOutputSize with software renderer (Bug 4669)
Sam Lantinga
Enable Raspberry Pi video by default
Sam Lantinga
Added patch notes for 2.0.10
Sam Lantinga
Added a patch note about batched rendering