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Ozkan Sezer
endpointvolume.h checks not needed since changeset 13078:ae4f9911321a .
Ryan C. Gordon
test: Fixed compiler warning on Visual Studio.
Sylvain Becker
Fixed bug 4820 - SDL assumes RW_SEEK_SET == SEEK_SET
Alex Szpakowski
macOS: Fix asserts in SDL_Render's metal scissor code when the window is resized.
Ryan C. Gordon
dynapi: Deal with failure cases better, other fixes.

Fixes Bugzilla #4803.
David Ludwig
WinRT: fix a link-time error when building UWP + x64
Ryan C. Gordon
test: Fixed wrong verbose flag check (thanks, watcom.hecht!).

Fixes Bugzilla #4826.
Ryan C. Gordon
dynapi: Make gendynapi.pl work on older Perl releases.
Ryan C. Gordon
cocoa: Implement SDL_WINDOW_ALWAYS_ON_TOP support (thanks, Gabriel!).

Fixes Bugzilla #4809.
Ryan C. Gordon
video: Make sure SDL_FillRects()'s fill_function isn't used unitialized.
Ryan C. Gordon
include: Removed a FIXME comment.

Using (1 << 14) instead of 0x4000 might be clearer for the maintainer, but
it makes it harder to look up these flags when debugging an app. The value
has to be written once by one person, the has to be read by tons of people
over and over.
Ryan C. Gordon
events: SDL_WaitEvent()'s polling loop now sleeps 1ms instead of 10ms.

Fixes Bugzilla #4356.
Sylvain Becker
Added a helper function SDL_LockTextureToSurface()
Similar to SDL_LockTexture(), except the locked area is exposed as a SDL surface.
Alex Szpakowski
macOS: Fix a new issue in 10.15 where the window decorations don't always get restored after SDL_SetWindowFullscreen(window, 0).
Cameron Gutman
Reduce delay to 1 ms in SDL_WaitEventTimeout() and SDL_WaitEvent()

The 10 ms delay effectively caps input polling at 100 Hz and rendering
at 100 FPS if applications use these functions in their event loop. The
delay may also lead to dropped frames even at 60 FPS due if they are
unlucky enough to hit the delay and rendering takes longer than 6 ms.
Sylvain Becker
SDL_LockTextureToSurface: robustness of locked region compared to texture size
Ryan C. Gordon
video: Removed unused variables.
Ryan C. Gordon
audio: Set (something close to) the correct silence value for U16 audio.

Partially fixes Bugzilla #4805.
Sam Lantinga
Backed out changeset a429ccdea379
Better commit incoming!
Ryan C. Gordon
x11: On macOS, look for X11 install in /opt/X11 instead of /usr/X11R6.

This is where Apple installs XQuartz now (and apparently, the compatibility
symlink at /usr/X11R6 can be missing).

Fixes Bugzilla #4706.
Sylvain Becker
Remove 'Enum' suffixes (bug 4813)
Ryan C. Gordon
stdlib: Patched to compile.
Alex Szpakowski
macOS: Fix non-highdpi OpenGL contexts not scaling properly in macOS 10.15 (bug 4810 and 4822).
Ryan C. Gordon
stdlib: Try to coerce VS2019 to not replace some loops with memset() calls.

Fixes (?) Bugzilla #4759.
  • sdl-visualstudio: compile 25 projects 0 files 2 warnings 22 errors failed -  stdiowarningserrors
Sylvain Becker
Fixed bug 4797 - SDL fails to compile with Mesa Master (thanks Michael Olbrich!)

fix building with Mesa 19.2

With Mesa 19.2 building fails with:

/include/GLES/gl.h:63:25: error: conflicting types for 'GLsizeiptr'

The same type is defined in include/SDL_opengl.h for OpenGL and the two
headers should not be included at the same time.
This was just never noticed because the same header guard '__gl_h_' was
used. This was changed in Mesa. The result is this error.

Fix this the same way GLES2 already handles this: Don't include the GLES
header when the OpenGL header was already included.
Sylvain Becker
Fixed bug 4825 - SDL Renderer OpenGL: Buffer overflow (SDL_RENDERCMD_DRAW_LINES)
Ryan C. Gordon
windows: Remove /ARCH:SSE option from x64 Visual Studio builds.

Fixes Bugzilla #4561.
Ryan C. Gordon
coreaudio: Apple doesn't support U16 data, so convert in that case.
Ozkan Sezer
dynapi: move new SDL_LockTextureToSurface addition to the end of file.
Sylvain Becker
Fixed bug 4813 - Give enums their own name
Sylvain Becker
Fixed race condition when scaling Touch events, and changing the renderer
Always read the output size of the main renderer.
(similar to bug 2107)
Ryan C. Gordon
video: speed up SDL_FillRect[s] slightly (thanks, Jakub!).

"This patch does the following:

* Instead of SDL_FillRects calling SDL_FillRect in a loop the opposite
happens -- SDL_FillRect (a specific case) calls SDL_FillRects (a general case)
with a count of 1

* The switch/case block is moved out of the loop -- it modifies the color
once and stores the fill routine in a pointer which is then used throughout
the loop"

Fixes Bugzilla #4674.
  • sdl-winrt: make failed -  stdio
Sam Lantinga
Fix the RealtimeKit dbus include guards

The SDL_USE_LIBDBUS define is set inside SDL_debug.h, therefore the
circular dependency made it impossible for this feature to be enabled.

Instead, guard SDL_dbus.h based on the autoconf variable HAVE_DBUS_DBUS_H

Additionally, fix one of the rtkit comments. CAP_SYS_NICE isn't required
to achieve high priority. But there is some scheduler config that rtkit
needs the app to setup.
Sam Lantinga
Removed unused volume check interval
Alex Szpakowski
macOS: Fix SDL_metal.h not being copied to the framework's Headers folder when SDL.framework is built using Xcode.
Ryan C. Gordon
mouse: Save initial position yet even if xrel and yrel are 0.

The X11 target sets mouse->last_x and last_y in EnterNotify and then calls
SDL_SendMouseMotion(), which throws away the new position because it matches
the mouse->last_x and last_y we just set, meaning that if the pointer is
in the window when it created, SDL_GetMouseState() will report a position of
0,0 until a MotionNotify event (the pointer moves) arrives and corrects the
mouse state.

Mostly fixes Bugzilla #1612.
Sam Lantinga
Fixed rtkit feature guard
Ryan C. Gordon
linux: If D-Bus isn't available on the system, don't keep trying to load it.

Fixes Bugzilla #4476.
Alex Szpakowski
macOS: Fix the initial window background not being black since macOS 10.14.2 or so, when OpenGL is used (bug #4810). Also fixes "CGContext: invalid context 0x0" errors when an OpenGL window is created (bug #4470).
Brandon Schaefer
offscreen: Define missing define on a older EGL for an EXT function which it wont have